Depicting the Hereafter in a Movie


Can we watch movies about the punishment of grave? My dad is asking this question he was against when my mom and I were watching “the Message” about the Gazwath. He believes it is haram because it shows the future (or past) what we did not witness and see.

I believe and my mom believe it is a vision depiction based on hadiths and it is okay to watch such movies like the message. Roze Maut a Persian movie or in English “life after death”. What is your opinion.

Nazneen Mohsin

Toronto, Canada

January 2012

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

It is similar to visualizing such incidents in your mind. If visualizing in mind is permissible, then depicting it in form of movie is also allowed. However, many scholars believe that depicting the Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم is not acceptable as it is a sign of disrespect for him. Due to this reason, the producer of “The Message” has not depicted him.

The Quran is full of portrayal of the Hereafter in form of words. If you read especially the last Surahs, they contain a complete delineation of the Day of Judgment, the Paradise and the Hell. The objective is to warn people about the biggest reality of our life. If such details are depicted in form of movies and it is told that what we are depicting is our imagination and only God knows the reality, then there is no harm in that.



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Depicting the Hereafter in a Movie
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