Month: December 2022

حالات سے مایوسی کو کیسے ختم کیا جائے؟

السلام علیکم ورحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ موجودہ دور میں اتنا برائی ہے، جدہر دیکھیے، ظلم، اور لوٹ کھسوٹ اور کرپشن نظر آتی ہے۔ ایسے حالات میں ذہن کو مثبت  کیسے رکھا جائے اور مایوسی سے کیسے بچا جائے؟ ذہن میں طرح طرح کے سوالات پیدا ہوتے ہیں، ان کا کیا کیا جائے؟ ایک بھائی بحرین وعلیکم السلام […]

ووٹ کسے دیا جائے؟

السلام علیکم سر آپ کے خیال میں ووٹ کسے دینا چاہیے؟ میں ووٹ دینا چاہتی ہوں مگر مجھے سیاست کا زیادہ علم نہیں ہے۔ ایک بہن کراچی، پاکستان وعلیکم السلام ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ بہن جہاں تک ووٹ کا تعلق ہے تو یہ کہنا میرے لیے مشکل ہے کہ ووٹ کسے دیں؟ اس کی وجہ یہ […]

Why did Islam forbid Private Militancy?

Question: Question: Asalam O Alykum, Your comments are required on this video, are they not terrorist?  Waslam, May 2010 Dear Brother Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah When two parties lock horns with each other, there is an ideological war on the front of media along with the physical war on the front of […]

Are the Muslims victims of Civilizational Narcissism?

Recently, I have read a small Urdu book named “Tehzebi Nargasiat” which stands for “Civilizational Narcissism”. The booklet is written by Mubarak Haider who has composed a unique idea into a small scholarly booklet. Although, the author is known for his orientation to the Socialist Left but this book is a marvelous masterpiece of unbiased psychoanalysis. This article […]

Massacre of Ahmedis

Question: Asalam O Alykum, I don’t know if you were reading the news or not; yesterday some very disturbing news came from Pakistan where some gunmen killed around 80 persons in Ahmadis mosques. Sir is this not another kind of terrorism? the root cause of such incidents is our own government who has declared Qadyanis as Kaffirs….off-course when a state declare […]

Which Sect is on the Right Path?

Question: Salam, MashAllah your web site is nice. Can you please guide me which sect is on right path: hanafi..shafi or hunbali or the one who do not follow any faith? thanks for your help. Iqbal Dear Brother Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatuhu Thanks for your kind comments. I’ll appreciate if […]

Comments on “Quranic Studies Program”

Dear Mubashir Salam I have downloaded the Quranic Studies Program and studying it. Certainly it shows the hard work you have done and the presenting quality this course has. However, I have some observations which I think should be considered. This course is structured on some selected verses translation and then some practical works i.e. […]

Does Islam allow Suicide Bombing? کیا اسلام خود کش حملوں کی اجازت دیتا ہے؟

Dear Mubashir / Rehan Just read these ..and imagine what is the message behind this how people accept thier “Ibleesi Taweelaat” with the lable of Sharai Taweel ! Kamran Usmani Yanbu, Saudi Arabia Dear Kamran sb Assalam o alaikum Very sorry to read this justification. The people involved in the war are extremely emotional. It is difficult to tell them something. We should address the ones who are not yet […]

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