What is meant by “Lowering of Gaze?”


I have a question about Ghad-ul-Basr ” Lowering of gaze”. We encounter this thing in every day life while interacting with females. How to do it? I have done a lot of research on it but I have seen two kinds of people: the one who never lower down their gaze while interacting with females and the one who are very meticulous about it.


New York, USA

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahmatullah

The word used by the Quran is Yaghudoon يغضون which means that both men and women should keep their gaze decent. It does not mean that they always look on floor but it means that the gaze should be that of a decent and reasonable person. It should not be meticulous. While interacting with women, sometimes, we have to look at them to understand something. It is not forbidden but meticulousness and watching women for sexual pleasure is forbidden in the verse.


Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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What is meant by “Lowering of Gaze?”
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