Is truth subjective?


Dear Brother

Don’t you think that Haq (truth) is a subjective concept and issue as you are presenting it according to your  understanding but it would be different for mechanical materialist, dialectical materialist, Jew, Christian, and entirely different for a Marxist. So I think you discuss it here in very complex, biased, single sided and in holistic manners, try to make it narrow and subjectively clear because it can be controversial objectively.

Muhammad Ali Zaidi, Lahore, Pakistan

Dear Brother

Assalam o alaikum

Haq (truth) is something which a person can derive objectively. The Quran clearly addresses the five senses and human logic. Almighty God has given us the sense of right and wrong. Every body understands that killing another person is something wrong and saving the life of a person is a great virtue. If the truth cannot be derived objectively, then there is nothing in this world which can be considered as truth.

It is true that people become biased and their emotions dominate their intellect. If a person starts thinking logically with sincerity, I assure you that he/she will reach at the truth.

I appreciate your point that I failed in presenting my view in this paragraph. Now I’ve amended it. I hope it will remove the weaknesses in writing. Please observe and comment.

Muhammad Mubashir Nazir

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Is truth subjective?
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