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Dear Mubashir,


Since long, i was, looking for a website, where i can learn -as you have mentioned- the accomplishment of “God Centered Personality”…All Praise be to Allah, I came across your website, and all the content and essays are worth readable.

Please carry on with this noble cause ,and do also upload some article/essays, where, young minds  shall get motivation (from Religion) to quest on battles of science and technology. I know personally some genius minds, who , at the hands of traditional clergy, have misunderstood wrong meaning of “Patience, Contentment etc” and have given up worldly efforts.

What i am trying to say is that, a God-Centered, practicing believers must have and show superiority in intellectual and material world-which is unfortunately not the case now.

thanks and regards,

Muahmmad Faisal


May 2009

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salaam wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatuhu

Many thanks for your kind comments which motivate me a lot. I am fully convinced on your view. It is one of the most important areas we should focus. You have correctly mentioned that many people leave worldly efforts due to misconceiving the words patience etc.

In the “Personality Development Program”, I’ve tried to fight against such misconception. You can see the following articles:

—– Relationship of the Revelation & the Intellect

—– Love of Prophet Muhammad with Knowledge:

—– Strange Similarities with Christian & Muslim Histories:

—– Aurengzeb’s Problem:

If you read Urdu, you can see articles in Chapter 30 & 36 of the Urdu Version of this program.

I’ll really appreciate if you please provide me with your valuable comments on these articles.

Remember in your prayers.



Dear Br. Mubashir Nazir – Hafizahu-Allah:

Assalamo Alaykum wa Rahmat-Allah:

Congratulations for such a nice website.  Hope it is upgraded regularly as the dates I saw are as old as 2006!

If the site is still active, I would like to register myself for the Personality Development Program, my email is:

Thank you.


Your Brother

Moh. Saeed Khan

May 2009

Dear Brother

Wa alaikum us salam wa Rahamatullah e wa Barakatuhu

It is a pleasure to receive an email from you. The site is active. Actually whatever I write, I upload it on the website. The personality development program contains over 100 articles on personality. Whenever some thing will be added, I’ll definitely inform you Insha Allah.

Please feel free to share your views, comments and constructive criticism.

Now a days I’m busy in developing an web-based Arabic Language Course for modern educated people. It will start from scratch and will take the reader to the heights of Classical Arabic which was spoken 1400 years ago. You can see the first module at the following link:

Remember in your prayers.



May 2009

Don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments. They will be highly appreciated. I’ll reply ASAP if I know the answer. Send at .

Comments on “Personality Development Program”
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