Questions related to Social Issues

Questions related to Social Issues

Quranic Social Framework


Valid Reasons for Seeking Divorce

Relation with Wife after Marriage but before starting Living Together

Does Islam consider Women equal to Men?

Manipulation of Islamic Law of Inheritance

Expenses of a wife during her stay with her parents

How to select one’s marriage partner?

Is there any significance of alphabets in naming babies?


What is bias and what is not?

Programming Interest Calculations Formula in a Software

Are Playing Cards and Chess forbidden in Islam?

Compatibility of Astrology with Islam

What is meant by “Lowering of Gaze?”

Evils of Rallies and Protests

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Personality Development


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Islamic Studies – Al-Maidah – 5th Verse Quran – Covenant – Agreement between Allah & Us

Islamic Studies – The Solution of Crisis in Madinah during Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم – Quran Verses 24 & 33

Islamic Studies – The Forecast of Victory of Prophet Muhammad – Quran 47-114

Islamic Studies – Al-Anfaal – 8 Quranic Verse – Policies of War

Islamic Studies – Al-Taubah – 9 Quran Verse – The Result of Victory

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Comments on “The History of Abolition of Physical & Intellectual Slavery in Islam”

Questions related to Social Issues
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